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Today’s ATM environment is a complex ecosystem of advanced technology, skilled personnel, training, stringent safety regulation and specific know-how. Careful set up of all elements is equally as important for the environment as the flawless performance of each of the elements. That is why CANI offers a wide range of ATM consultancy services designed to help customers overcome operational challenges as well as help adopt new technologies and procedures. Customers can profit from the domain expertise of senior ATM staff, experience and stability of an ATC provider (Air Navigation Services of the Czech Republic) and hands-on experience from Europe's number-one pioneer in the utilization of multilateration (MLAT) technology. The primary focus of CANI’s consulting activities is on airspace design, MLAT, RDP, FDP, ATM system procurement and project management.

Consultancy services offered include:

  • Multilateration (MLAT)
  • Project management
  • Airspace management
  • Surveillance (SUR)
  • Radar data processing (RDP)
  • Flight data processing (FDP)
  • ATM system procurement